Ray with bream.jpg

I'm a retiree who fishes the estuary of Port Stephens, NSW, Australia.  I'm on the water every chance I get, targeting flatties, bream, whiting and the occasional mulloway.

I wanted to learn to tie the FG knot because it allows for longer leaders without fear of getting caught on the rod guides when casting, which had happened to me several times with other knots. 

Everything I saw on the internet suggested there had to be a better way to achieve the result. I made several prototypes before coming up with the final FG WIZZ.

It looks simple but it is made with precision to ensure it is reliable and ties a neat, uniform FG knot every time, regardless of braid and leader weights.

Heavy braids and leaders draw the flexible stems together faster than the lighter ones. When this occurs, simply hold the unfinished knot between the thumb and forefinger and twist the bobbin tops to release more braid. Then continue to wrap the knot.