A small selection of the feedback from our Facebook promotions:


Peter Pakula Good on ya - great product backed up by clear and simple how to video! 5 stars for you! ✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️

Michael Woodbridge The FG is a great knot for tying braid to leader and this device makes it so much easier than hands alone. I never used the FG knot before buying one of these, and now is the only knot I use for braid to mono.

Brendan Vanderhyde Got mine the other day , have redone all my leaders this tool is a must and is so easy to tie a FG knot way easier than any other tool .

Ranga Diesal - Bloody works a treat, cut your hands before it breaks the knot! Genius invention! Shown a couple of mates already and they were blown away! Thanks a bunch!

Nick Cleary - Just wanted to say congrats on the product ! I’d all but given up on the mighty FG, as promised, the FG Wizz made it dead simple.

Paul Jack Great tool love mine

Brian Bochow - I bought one and it has helped me enormously

Josh Vance - Makes it so easy

Jason Ramshaw - They are well worth it mate. I can tie an fg knot with ease. But this thing makes the neatest knot. My son who is 13 uses it with ease.

Greg Chatten - They work flawlessly

John Reilly - Perfect knot every time

Chris Xerri David Busuttil - FG is awesome

Craig Straker - Works a treat a lot easier

John Ford - Works awesome, makes for a much smoother and neat finish

Brian Bochow - I bought one and it has helped me enormously

Lachlan Doody - Hadn’t tried the FG knot before, but wanted to learn it, it will make handling the light line easier also

Wayne Burley - Works real well happy with it

Peter Kelleher - yep got one too works well

Ty MacGregor - Awesome rig guys -that's my 3rd one now and I'm more than happy with the end result. There’s no lies when you say it's so much easier with the FG WIZZ.

Andreas Niels Sparks - I love this

Peter Kelleher - got mine today very well made thanks

Ben Beverley - Bolt one of these to your console Robbie

Ricky Sherwood - Hahaha you'll love it. So will I not having to tie your leader lol

Wayne Mee - Unfortunately for you, I'm pretty proficient at tying em. But your tool is very cool. I'll let any mates who are struggling know about it.

Jason Ramshaw - I actually brought another one for my young blokes Christmas present.

Daniel Futcher - Got mine today bought it Monday easy as to use awesome and fast delivery

John Ford - good bit of kit, I like mine

Greg Paxton - Great bit of kit. So easy 👍